Mr. Lincoln's Visits
Visit to Albany and Niagara Falls
Business Trip to New York
Cooper Union Speech
 - Before the Speech
 - Arrival in New York City
 - The Speech
 - The Cooper Union Text
 - After the Speech
 - Remainder of Speaking Tour
 - Historian's Comments
 - Printing and Publicizing the Speech
Pre-Inaugural Visit
 - Dunkirk and Westfield, February 16, 1861
 - Buffalo, February 16, 1861
 - Buffalo to Albany, February 18, 1861
 - Albany, February 18, 1861
 - Albany to New York City, February 19, 1861
 - New York City, February 19-20, 1861
Visit to West Point
Mrs. Lincolnís Shopping
The Funeral Train

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Introduction by Richard Behn
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